Sentence Examples with the word bannockburn

The long wars had been adverse to commerce, for which ransoms and the booty of Bannockburn made inadequate compensation.

After a preliminary skirmish on Sunday the 23rd, in which Bruce distinguished himself by a personal combat with Sir Henry de Bohun, whom he felled by a single blow of his axe, the battle of Bannockburn was fought on Monday the 24th; and the complete rout of the English determined the independence of Scotland and confirmed the title of Bruce.

The castle had been a royal residence for at least two centuries before Bannockburn (1314), but immediately after the battle Robert Bruce granted it to Sir Walter FitzGilbert Hamilton, the son of the founder of the family, in return for the fealty.

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In the career of Bruce, Bannockburn was the turning-point.

Strove to relieve Stirling, and found his R with Bannockburn on Halidon hill (r9th of July 1333), where he was routed and slain, with many of the IIL leaders of the Scots.

The famous battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314) was fought for the relief of Stirling Castle, which was besieged by the Scottish forces under Robert Bruce.

The Bannockburn was choked with the fallen, and it was only by hard spurring that Edward and his guards reached Dunbar, whence he sailed to Berwick.

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