Sentence Examples with the word banish

He broke off their relationship when Kris took interest in him and soon after, Kris convinced Andre to banish Sasha to Hell.

It was proposed to banish from France all members of the old noblesse.

The great powers of the intendant were, however, merged in those of the governorgeneral in 1853; and the captain-general having been given by royal order in 1825 (several times later explicitly confirmed, and not revoked until 1870) the absolute powers (to be assumed at his initiative and discretion) of the governor of a besieged city, and by a royal order of 1834 the power to banish at will persons supposed to be inimical to the public peace; and being by virtue of his office the president and dominator of all the important administrative boards of the government, held the government of the island, and in any emergency the liberty and property of its inhabitants, in his hand.

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One advantage of the introduction of carriages was that it created a demand for a lighter and quicker sort of horse, instead of the ponderous animal which, despite all attempts to banish him, was still the horse of England - the age of chivalry having been the first epoch of the British horse.

From the middle to the close of the 17th century the French were establishing a claim to the territory between the Great Lakes and the Ohio river by discovery and occupation, and although they 'had provoked the hostility of the Iroquois Indians they had helped the Wyandots, Miamis and Shawnees to banish them from all territory W.

Garcia Ordonez accused him to Alphonso of keeping back part of the tribute received from Seville, and the king took advantage of the Cid's absence on a raid against the Moors to banish him from Castile.

The modern reader can hardly banish the impression that Abelard writes in a spirit of sheer mischief.

The king's position became more and more difficult, and under the pressure of popular opposition he was forced to banish the countess.

He went to Constantinople, and Justinian, who entertained his complaint, sent him back to Rome, but Vigilius was ultimately able to banish his rival to Pandataria, where the rest of his life was spent in obscurity.

No wonder; then, that Aed determined to banish them from Ireland.