Sentence Examples with the word bang

The Bang Pakong is navigable for steamers of small draught for about 30 m.

For 154 m., when it empties itself into the inner gulf about midway between the Meklong and Bang Pakong mouths.

Hall first took office in the Bang administration (12th of December 1854) as minister of public worship. In May 1857 he became president of the council after Andrae, Bang's successor, had retired, and in July 1858 he exchanged the ministry of public worship for the ministry of foreign affairs, while still retaining the premiership.

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The anxiously awaited Friday return occurred not with a bang but the hiss of a deflated balloon as Howie snuck out early and remained invisible the entire weekend.

Then he heard the door close with a bang and Dean was alone with his thoughts and unanswered questions.

To the east, in the Bang Pakong river-basin and down the eastern shore of the gulf, are Pachim, a divisional headquarters; Petriou; Bang Plasoi, a fishing centre, with Rayong, Chantabun (q.v.) and Krat, producing gems and pepper.

There was a loud bang as the front door slammed with Cynthia's violent departure.

The Bang Pakong river rises among the Wattana hills on the eastern border, between the Battambong province of Cambodia and Siam.

HERMANN JOACHIM BANG (1858-), Danish author, was born of a noble family in the island of Zealand.

She continued to bang away on her keyboard, the smile etched on her face.