Sentence Examples with the word band

In violation therefore of international amities, and practically in disobedience of orders, he broke the peace, caused a band of Mexican cavalry mounts to be seized, and prompted some American settlers to occupy Sonoma (14th June 1846).

But it was as a member of the Rochdale Juvenile Temperance Band that he first learned public speaking.

In 1427 he sold his rights as burgrave to the town of Nuremberg, and he was a prominent member of the band of electors who sought to impose reforms upon Sigismund.

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He gathered together a band of supporters, plans were drawn up, and at length all was ready for the rising.

Outside the band of Miocene beds the Sarmatian, Pontian and Levantine series, often concealed by Quaternary deposits, cover the great part of the Danube plain.

It is a roundabout argument to be sure, but essentially the mobile revolution allows people to band together and eventually bring down tyrants.

Vittatus, of Sumatra, characterized by having a broad reddish or whitish band running from the middle of the snout along the upper lip to disappear on the side of the neck; the skull being short and high, with the facial portion of the lachrymal bone small.

The bottle maker heats the fractured neck of the bottle, binds a band of molten glass round the end of it and simultaneously shapes the inside and the outside of the neck by using the tool shown in fig.

The question whether the Gegenschein can be accounted for by the reflection of light from the same matter as the zodiacal band is still unsettled.

Nevertheless, it is not probable that without the training introduced by Lycurgus the Spartans would have been successful in securing their supremacy in Laconia, much less in the Peloponnese, for they formed a small immigrant band face to face with a large and powerful Achaean and autochthonous population.