Sentence Examples with the word ballistic

The ballistic method is largely employed for determining the relation of induction to magnetizing force in samples of the iron and steel used in the manufacture of electrical machinery, and especially for the observation of hysteresis effects.

A small coil of fine wire, connected in series with a ballistic galvanometer, is placed in the field, with its windings perpendicular to the lines of force, and then suddenly reversed or withdrawn from the field, the integral electromotive force being twice as great in the first case as in the second.

Also experimented on the pressure of powder and the velocity of the bullet in a musket barrel; this he accomplished by shortening the barrel successively, and measuring the velocity obtained by the ballistic pendulum; thus reversing Noble's procedure of gradually lengthening the gun.

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Of a range table by calculation with the ballistic table; and it is to be compared with the published official range table which follows.

Between the magnetizing coils is a small induction coil D, which is connected with a ballistic galvanometer.

For spherical shot is not constant, and a separate ballistic table must be constructed; but may be taken as 1.7 on the average.

This causes a ballistic throw proportional to the induction through the bar at the moment when the two portions were separated.

Several arrangements have been devised for determining hysteresis more easily and expeditiously than is possible by the ballistic method.

The experiment may be made in two different ways: (I) the magnetizing current is increased by a series of sudden steps, each of which produces a ballistic throw, the value of B after any one throw being proportional to the sum of that and all the previous throws; the magnetizing FIG.

Given the ballistic coefficient C, the initial velocity V, and a range of R yds.