Sentence Examples with the word balled

His hands balled into fists and the knuckles turned as white as the line around his lips.

Josh strode across the barn, his hands balled into fists, gray eyes smoldering like hot coals.

His hands were balled into fists at his sides and the knuckles were white.

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She balled up a fist and looked at it, wondering how to hit him.

His face turned scarlet and he balled his hands into fists.

Lankha retrieved a small satchel from its bed and sat cross-legged on the floor beside her feet, withdrawing small vials and balled gauze.

Sofia balled her fists and entered, sweating at the thought of the ordeal ahead.

She stepped closer to Alex, her hands balled into fists at the end of stiff arms.

Sofia exclaimed and balled up her free hand into a fist until her nails bit into flesh.