Sentence Examples with the word ballad

Johnny Armstrong of Gilnockie, famed in ballad and legend, was hanged, with forty of his clan, at Carlanrigg, in Teviotdale.

It is also the subject of a ballad by Schiller and a drama by F.

In 1898 he published his powerful Ballad of Reading Gaol.

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The best specimen of this work, of which the outstanding characteristics are sheer whimsicality and topsy-turvy humour, is The Ballad of Kynd Kittok.

The tragedy of Douglas was suggested to him by hearing a lady sing the ballad of Gil Morrice or Child Maurice (F.

Songs, forms a rich collection of ballad poetry which continued in process of elaboration throughout the whole of the middle ages,.

From 925 to 975 all the chronicles are very fragmentary; a few obits, three or four poems, among them the famous ballad on the battle of Brunanburh, make up the meagre tale of their common materials, which each has tried to supplement in its own way.

It is written in ballad form, and portions of it are still sung by itinerant bards throughout north-western India and Rajputana.

The heroes are often the same: Serbs, Bulgars and Rumanians sing the heroic deeds of Baba Novak and recite the legend of the Monastery of Argesh, or the ballad of Iorgovan, found in the Malorussian Byliny.

It is first mentioned in a very ancient Pali ballad preserved in the Sutta Nipata (verse 583).