Sentence Examples with the word bale

He nodded, reaching for another bale of hay.

She surrendered the bale to him and watched him toss it on top of the pile.

Lifting it, he stepped up on the pile of hay and tossed the bale on top, straightening it before stepping down.

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He watched her lift a bale of hay and step up on the pile.

The administration is in the hands of two chiefs, a civil and a military, the bale and the balogun; these together form the highest court of appeal.

About 1 to 14 gallons of oil is the usual amount given per bale of 400 lb of jute, while the quantity of water per bale varies from 3 to 7 gallons.

On the other hand, William of Malmesbury prefers to read Heruligena, which would make Scotus a Pannonian, while Bale says he was born at St David's, Dempster connects him with Ayr, and Gale with Eriuven in Hereford.

All the evidence in Barclay's own work goes to prove that he was sincere in his reproof of contemporary follies and vice, and the gross accusations which John Bale 1 brings against his moral character may be put down to his hatred of Barclay's cloth.

The rising sea forbade all attempts to bale out the boat.

One is that of Basel Stadt or Bale Ville, including, besides the city of Basel, the three rural districts (all to the north of the Rhine) of Riehen, Bettingen and Klein Huningen (the latter now united to the city).