Sentence Examples with the word balanced

Of course, if the boy was interested in horses and the ranch, maybe it would be balanced out.

Sentences became balanced and were made clear by some sort of definite ending.

In the case of a string stretched over a smooth surface, but in other respects free from extraneous force, the tensions at the ends of a small element s must be balanced by the normal reaction of the surface.

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Jenn balanced herself against the tree and worked her way around it.

From time to time efforts were made by those who believed that the Creator must have followed a symmetrical system in his production of animals to force one or other artificial, neatly balanced scheme of classification upon the zoological world.

A compass having a very short needle is placed on the line which bisects the axis of the magnet at right angles, and is moved until a neutral point is found where the force due to the earth's field H is balanced by that due to the magnet.

The mates of old balanced out the powers of your badass predecessors.

Such a saltwater saucer of fresh water is maintained full to overflowing by the rainfall, and owing to the frictional resistance of the sand and to capillary action and the fact that a given column of fresh water is balanced by a shorter column of sea water, the fresh water never sinks to the mean sea-level unless artificially abstracted.

She balanced the broom handle in clammy palms and slowly advanced up the steps.

It depends on the rapidity with which convection currents can supply heat from the interior to replace that radiated, and on a number of other nicely balanced circumstances which cannot well be calculated.