Sentence Examples with the word bake

The bake lights came on briefly as he slowed down for the bridge and then the truck disappeared into a cloud of tawny dust.

Among these is the argument from the numerous borings made in the alluvium of the Nile valley to a depth of 60 ft., where down to the lowest level fragments of burnt brick and pottery were always found, showing that people advanced enough in the arts to bake brick and pottery have inhabited the valley during the long period required for the Nile inundations to deposit 60 ft.

Alex would likely be home for lunch and she wanted to bake a chicken.

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It was too late to heat up the oven and bake the chicken, so she cut it up and fried it.

When you have kneaded it well, mould it, and bake it under a cover, that is, in a baking kettle.

In cold weather it was no little amusement to bake several small loaves of this in succession, tending and turning them as carefully as an Egyptian his hatching eggs.

I thought it looked interesting and might come in handy when I bake for the church.

Alex didn't like highly spiced food, so she decided to bake Cornish game hens for the base of the meal.

Elisabeth started drawing as Jackson cleaned the seeds to bake them.

It might be something handy to know next time the church had a bake sale.