Sentence Examples with the word bag

When it is desired to use the machine, a 4-lb bag is placed under the orifice of the hopper upon the goods-pan of the balance, and the slide rods are thrust back by hand till they are held by their detents, and the sugar flows rapidly into the bag.

A youth was stuffing a bag full of medical supplies.

He put the bag on the bed and stood staring at it for a moment.

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In Scotland Elizabeth procured the expulsion of the French bag and baggage from North Britain, and that French avenue to England was closed for ever.

When he was satisfied, he lifted the bag and stepped away.

He glanced at the bag filling with her blood and shook his head again.

The sugar is run into a conical hopper and is delivered into the open mouth of a bag which is placed on the goods - pan of a balance.

Her father returned with a bag slung over his shoulder.

But never, never, never in his entire life had David Dean felt less like crawling out of his sleeping bag and mounting his bicycle than on the misty Colorado morning of June fifteenth.

The death dealer emerged from the hall running between the two wings, the trembling form of Lankha held under one arm like a bag of cement.