Sentence Examples with the word backyard

Yully squeezed her eyes closed, relieved the bartender wasn't buried in her backyard with the others.

A few such trees in the backyard behind your condo, cabin, or yurt would be enough to satisfy your power requirements.

Past-Death stepped away from her, admiring her like she was a clay pot kilned in the backyard by a bored goddess.

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What's worse is they want to use our backyard as their warzone.

No one on the block remembered the motor home, but the backyard was closed from view from the street, so unless someone was in the building it would not have been visible.

Fred O'Connor, with three silver-haired lady friends in tow, clustered around the backyard picnic table.

After somewhat blackened hot dogs and some canned beans simmered nearby, we returned to the house and left the backyard to the emerging mosquitos.

Additionally, there was a delightful backyard and three acres of land.

The custom of dwelling, for part of the day at least, in booths, is still kept up by orthodox Jews, who have temporary huts covered with branches erected in their courtyards, and those who are not in possession of a house with a backyard often go to pathetic extremes in order to fulfil the law by making holes in roofs, across which branches are placed.