Sentence Examples with the word backward

During the forward stroke the action of the click is governed by the principles of linkwork; during the backward stroke that action ceases.

In reality, however, all these movements forward and backward did not improve or alter the position of the troops.

Mathematics were cultivated by the Chinese, Indians and Arabs, but nearly all the sciences based on the observation of nature, including medicine, have remained in a very backward condition.

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Thus the bilateral symmetry would have been accentuated, and the organism shaped more definitely into three segments, namely (r) a preoral segment or lobe, containing the anterior coelomic cavity; (2) a middle segment, containing the gut, and the two middle coelomic cavities; (3) a posterior segment, containing the posterior coelomic cavity, which, however, owing to the backward prolongation of the anus, became divided into two - a right and left posterior coelom.

After receiving the crown in Rome, he died at Buonconvento, a little walled town south of Siena, on his backward journey in 1313.

But that movement was, by its nature, backward looking.

Prince Edward now displayed skilful generalship hastily turning backward he surprised and scattered the army of relief at Kenilworth (Aug.

Another method consists in driving towards the boundary, and taking the coal backward towards the shafts, or working homeward, allowing the waste to close up without roads having to be kept open through it.

The first-fruits of this passion was a volume of poems, published in 1841, entitled A Year's Life, which was inscribed by Lowell in a veiled dedication to his future wife, and was a record of his new emotions with a backward glance at the preceding period of depression and irresolution.

To the savage, and apparently to men more backward than the most backward peoples we know, all nature was a congeries of animated personalities.