Sentence Examples with the word background

But when the Agape on one side and paganism on the other receded into a dim past, owing to the enhanced sacrosanctity of the Eucharist and because of the severe edicts of the emperor Theodosius and his successors, the psychological background fell away, and the Eucharist was left isolated and hanging in the air.

To the north and west the country is comparatively level, the central plain of Ireland here reaching to the coast, but to the south the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains practically touch the confines of Greater Dublin, affording comprehensive views of the physical position of the city, and forming a background to some of the finest streets.

The investigation of their true historical background and of the trustworthiness of their external setting (e.g.

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But the obscure historical background of the references makes it uncertain whether the exclusiveness of orthodox Judaism (Neh.

For in the background of all is the vast peninsula of Arabia, which at long intervals fills with its wild, untamable humanity to a point beyond which it cannot support them.

In the philosophies of Descartes and Locke a large share of attention had been directed to the idea of matter, which was held to be the abstract, unperceived background of real experience, and was supposed to give rise to our ideas of external things through its action on the sentient mind.

With the rise of a belief in departmental gods comes the age of polytheism; the belief in elemental spirits may still persist, but they fall into the background and receive no cult.

Misled into regarding the Roman religion as a mere network of formalities without any background of genuine religious feeling.

On the north, west and south it is surrounded by hills, with a background of mountains amongst which the Puy-de-Dome stands out prominently.

The front of the palace forms the background to the public memorial to Queen Victoria, at the head of the Mall.