Sentence Examples with the word backed

Connor quickly pulled away and backed up.

The Hanoverian government, backed by the Frankfort diet, was still more successful in its warfare with the moderate reformers whom it was pleased to treat as revolutionists; and in Austria the feudalists so completely gained the upper hand that on the 18th of August 1855 the government signed a concordat, by which the state virtually submitted itself to the control of the church.

She backed away from him, wiping her mouth as she threw him a poisonous look.

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She walked him to the garage and waited while he backed out of the garage - then watched as his truck bounced down the drive.

Headlights were backed up as far as the eye could see, waiting impatiently for someone to direct them away from the gridlock.

For four years Charles, backed by the Spanish troops, made efforts to force the Protestant towns to observe the Interim, but with little success.

Although not himself a courtier, he was backed at court by Sosthenes de la Rochefoucauld and Madame du Cayla, and in 1822 Louis XVIII.

She gave the floor one last swipe with the mop as she backed out the door.

In Siena gave fresh courage to the malcontents, who, backed by the imperial authority, overthrew the government of the nine and substituted a magistracy of twelve drawn from the lowest class.

They wished, as we saw, to secure the hand of Elizabeth for the earl of Arran, a match which would practically have taken away the Scottish crown from Mary Stuart, unless she were backed by the whole force of France.