Sentence Examples with the word back up

I'll ice climb during the day, then drive back up to Grand Junction.

Deidre ran back up to her room and looked over the assortment of shoes.

Do me a favor and don't climb back up on your soapbox.

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I went back up and dressed and took a walk out on the pier.

Then you get back up and continue the climb.

Her troubled gaze followed her trail back up the hill and she gasped.

If you had dumped back up the road a couple of miles, you'd still be falling.

It's like opening presents Christmas Eve and then wrapping them back up so you can open them Christmas morning.

Locking the door, she snapped the shirt back up and walked down the porch steps.

When you've finished we'll stuff it all in the suitcase and you can haul it back up north to her.