Sentence Examples with the word back room

Gladys waddled downstairs, strung in more beads than the draped back room doorway of a Turkish dope den.

Fred returned part way through the recital, and after a greeting and a handshake, retired to the back room with Kathleen the jailer to fill out paper work for his release.

She led him to the back room where her things were piled and then resumed her last hour of work at the diner.

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The men, women, and children of the large peasant family crowded into the back room across the passage.

Dean and Sackler took names, shooed the men out of the shop and left the back room to the medical examiner.

They've got a bunk in the back room of the restaurant where he washes dishes.

So when Mr. Cade strode into the diner Friday night, Cynthia's clothes were packed and stored in the back room of the diner.