Sentence Examples with the word back out

Ol' Arthur didn't believe us when we told him there was a contract out on him and he went back out on the street.

To this course Napoleon consented, to the despair of King Victor Emmanuel and Cavour, who saw in this a proof that he wished to back out of his engagement and make war impossible.

The intruder fell back out the window.

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Then I'll come back out and we'll finish the milking.

Third, call her snotty sister and find a way to back out of brunch Saturday.

After a brief look at her, he plodded back out of the dairy.

Providence, incensed at such cruelty, turns Tiridates into a wild boar, and afflicts his subjects with madness; but his sister, Chosrowidukht, has a revelation to bring Gregory back out of his pit.

I'm sure you're in a hurry to get back out to Denton.

Then he pulled back out onto the road.

I gotta go back out after this.