Sentence Examples with the word back down

I looked forward to weekends when he'd come back down to Boston and we'd get together.

Donald brought Donnie up to meet me, before the cops dragged him back down here.

A long sigh escaped her lips as she slid back down under the covers.

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Turning the truck around, he headed back down the drive.

Instantly the hand dropped and he turned back down the trail, speaking over his shoulder.

A few minutes later his deep voice drifted back down the hall as he discussed something with her.

If it sank up there, it'd most likely float up to the surface after a few days or a week and then drift back down this way with the tide.

Vinnie started to rise but Winston bounced him back down on the bed.

Half a head shorter than him, the Black God didn't back down for once when Xander strode to him, stopping when his toes clipped Jonny's.

Glancing in the mirror, he straightened his jacket and tucked the tie back down into his vest.