Sentence Examples with the word back and forth

Large areas of soil are thus shifted back and forth between Nebraska and the bordering states, to the encouragement of border lawlessness and uncertainty of titles; some portions E.

Dean began to shuttle back and forth to the dining room, helping Cynthia.

I can remember more than one time with a case of flu in the dead of winter - running back and forth to the outhouse.

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He picked the ring up and stared at it absently, rolling it back and forth between his thumb and index finger.

Her border counties furnished the bogus citizens who invaded Kansas to carry the first territorial elections, and soon guerrilla forays back and forth gave over the border to a carnival of crime and plunder.

Felipa looked back and forth at the telephone and Carmen, obviously at a loss for words.

Howie didn't like the arrangement but realized we couldn't commute back and forth every weekend and maintain a life.

These wash back and forth in shallow water on a sandy bottom, and are sometimes cast on the shore.

She loved their back and forth and how he made her feel.

Linda texted back and forth with her husband for a few minutes.