Sentence Examples with the word babe

She had already declared her intention of naming the babe Kiera whether it was a boy or girl.

Epicharmus (540-450), carried as a babe to Sicily, is a link between native Siceliots and the strangers invited by Hiero; as the founder of the local Sicilian comedy, he ranks among Siceliots.

First of all living things was Re; rid told how he arose as a naked babe from a lotus-flower floated on the primeval ocean Nun.

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Only the babe Jehoash was saved, and he remained hidden in the Temple adjoining the palace itself, The queen, Athaliah, despite the weak state of Judah after the revolt in Philistia and Edom, actually appears to have maintained herself for six years, until the priests slew her in a conspiracy, overthrew the cult of Baal, and crowned the young child.

He had hoped to take the babe in his arms for the last time before he went, but now he stood for a few moments irresolute on the threshold looking at them.

In Java the new-born babe is placed in a hen-coop, and the mother makes a clucking noise, as if she were a hen, to attract the child's soul.

The guy's sitting on some tropical beach with a babe in his lap.

At least she and her babe will live.