Sentence Examples with the word babbling

I knew right off what he was babbling about.

Please, I know you have questions and here I am babbling away taking up your time.

Emboldened by this, the Captain reiterated his demand to the rest, but Steelkilt shouted up to him a terrific hint to stop his babbling and betake himself where he belonged.

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She managed not to start babbling nervously, even when his hands traced down her arms before settling on her hips.

One minute she's babbling like a spring brook; the next second it's back in the shell.

At any rate, he was a recluse and he probably didn't want a babbling female around.

Whatever Vinnie was babbling about sounded like the last thing in the world Dean wanted to get involved with, but he had no choice but to at least hear out the terrified man.

They took their leave with her following them to the door, babbling on about unrelated subjects.