Sentence Examples with the word baños

Among the many thermal springs throughout the Andean districts, the best known are at Belermos and San Pedro del Tingo, north-east of Quito; at Cachillacta, in the district of Nanegal; at Timbugpoyo, near Latacunga; at Banos (5906 ft.

Cuesta, during the advance up the valley of the Tagus, was to occupy the pass of Banos on the left flank; the Spanish authorities were to supply provisions, and Venegas was to be at Arganda, near Madrid, by the 22nd or 23rd of July; but none of these arrangements were duly carried out, and it was on this that the remainder of the campaign turned.

The hot sulphur springs of Pultamarca, called the Banos del Inca (Inca's baths) are a short distance east of the city and are still frequented.

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Caibarien and San Antonio de los Banos had the largest proportion of white population.