Sentence Examples with the word awoke

At the risk no doubt of some defects of culture, the newer education cleared the way for a more positive temper, awoke a new sense of accuracy and of verification, and created a sceptical attitude towards all conventions, whether of argument or of practice.

When he awoke again, it was to the feeling of a warm breeze across his face.

The next morning, Sofia awoke stiff and cold on the bathroom floor.

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She awoke from the nightmare she'd had every night since being dragged off Anshan.

She awoke with a jerk and looked around at the tiny cottage, lit only by a candle.

At last the government awoke to its own responsibility in the matter of education, after the long and acrimonious controversy between the advocates of English and vernacular teaching had worn itself out.

She'd dreamt of Evelyn last night and awoke missing her friend.

Next day Cicero awoke the terror of the people by a second oration delivered in the forum, in consequence of which Catiline and Manlius were declared public enemies, and the consul Antonius was despatched with an army against them.

I awoke at the carnival.

Usually when he awoke with a hard-on and a woman in his bed, what happened next was pretty straightforward.