Sentence Examples with the word awesome

While I sympathized in concept, the very nature of Howie's capabilities were so awesome to me, I couldn't conceive the ramifications of broadening them.

I tried to remember names on buildings but just being there was so awesome it was difficult to concentrate.

That's an awesome pregnancy test, by the way.

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Toby would make an awesome older brother, she realized, unlike her flaky sister.

There's an awesome taco shack an hour away.

Telluride's sixty-six trails, spread over more than a thousand acres, were an awesome change from the crowded slopes Dean had skied in the East in years gone by.

As the group trudged up a small rise in the road, the awesome creations of the ice park came into view.

I have to drink a real lot to get a hangover, so, with no downsides and a whole lot of up, why wouldn't I drink to my heart's content, plus it tastes awesome and warms my soul.

I've got an awesome wife.