Sentence Examples with the word away

She wanted him safe and hoped he was angry enough to stay away or at least, he brought an army of people to kill the dozens of Others around her.

And twisting the ramrod he looked gloomily at Pierre, who turned away and gazed into the darkness.

Toby sighed loudly and stepped away from her.

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On each side, about half-way between the keep and the sea, these ravines are crossed by massive bridges, and on the farther side of the westernmost of these, away from the city, a large tower and other fortifications remain.

The moisture from the clay, percolating through the mass of sugar, washes away the adhering molasses and leaves the crystals comparatively free and clear.

Again, in oogamous reproduction, while in general only one oosphere is differentiated in the oogonium, in Sphaeroplea several oospheres arise in each oogonium; and while the oospheres usually contract away from the oogonial wall, acquiring for themselves a new cell-wall after fertilization, in Coleochaete the oosphere remains throughout in contact with the oogonial wall.

It acquires its first importance in the theories of Heraclitus (6th century B.C.), who, trying to account for the aesthetic order of the visible universe, broke away to some extent from the purely physical conceptions of his predecessors and discerned at work in the cosmic process a Aoyos analogous to the reasoning power in man.

At last he put away Medea, in order to marry Glauce (or Creusa), daughter of the Corinthian king Creon.

In its three last sessions it was destined to sink into gradual disrepute; and it was ultimately swept away by a wave of popular reaction, as remarkable as that which had borne it into power.

Then the Federals broke the attenuated line of defence at its left centre, and Hood's army drifted away in disorder.