Sentence Examples with the word awareness

She calmed in his arms, and he focused on comforting her and not his awareness of her soft body pressed against him.

She felt her blood quicken and her skin flush with awareness and heat.

The sexual awareness killed him more and more lately, and he started to think going to the European front was a good thing.

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Primitive religion, however, resorts to either way of approach so indifferently as to prove that there is little or no awareness of an inconsistency of attitude.

The moment their lips met, lightning flew through her, setting every nerve afire with awareness unlike anything she'd felt before.

The movement brought a painful awareness of how stiff her muscles were becoming.

The cold floor on his bare feet shocked him to further awareness as he felt about for his slippers.

Conjectures as to Napoleon's awareness of the danger of extending his line, and (on the Russian side) as to luring the enemy into the depths of Russia, are evidently of that kind, and only by much straining can historians attribute such conceptions to Napoleon and his marshals, or such plans to the Russian commanders.

She was slung over someone's shoulder, stuck between awareness and blackness.

The article will influence public perception and build awareness of disability issues.