Sentence Examples with the word awaited

A bald general with a St. George's Cross on his neck stood just behind the priest's back, and without crossing himself (he was evidently a German) patiently awaited the end of the service, which he considered it necessary to hear to the end, probably to arouse the patriotism of the Russian people.

Abashed glances of servile wonder were exchanged by the sailors, as this was said; and with fascinated eyes they awaited whatever magic might follow.

At the same time, she knew whatever Rhyn faced outside the dreamscape was as bad as what awaited her, if not worse.

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It was not that they knew that much food and fresh troops awaited them in Smolensk, nor that they were told so (on the contrary their superior officers, and Napoleon himself, knew that provisions were scarce there), but because this alone could give them strength to move on and endure their present privations.

In society he always awaited an opportunity to say something striking and took part in a conversation only when that was possible.

That could not be, yet he awaited with a sinking heart the movement of Dolokhov's hands.

Having finished his second glass of punch, Napoleon went to rest before the serious business which, he considered, awaited him next day.

Mansr awaited a response.

Bruno had been well received at Toulouse, where he had lectured on astronomy; even better fortune awaited him at Paris, especially at the hands of Henry III.

Meanwhile he had also prepared a fresh line of retreat towards Bohemia, and, certain now of having his men in hand for the coming battle, he quietly awaited events.