Sentence Examples with the word avifauna

No fewer than 385 species of avifauna are recorded, most of them being middle-European and Mediterranean.

Its alleged destructiveness to the Hawaiian avifauna seems open to doubt.

The avifauna of Mexico includes most of the species of the tropical and temperate regions of America - such as parrots (chiefly the yellow-headed Chrysotis), parakeets (Conurus canicula), macaws (Ara macao and A.

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On the whole its avifauna presents some very remarkable features.

In 1873 Elwes pointed out that the Himalayan avifauna extended into north-west China and established the Himalo-Chinese sub-region.

Owing to the comparatively scanty number of harmful mammalian types, the birds play a considerable part in this large region, and some authorities consider its avifauna the richest in the world.

The avifauna resembles that of Madagascar; there are species of a peculiar genus of caterpillar shrikes (Campephagidae), as well as of the genera Pratincola, Hypsipetes, Phedina, Tchitrea, Zosterops, Foudia, Collocalia and Coracopsis, and peculiar forms of doves and parakeets.

Here may be interpolated a short account of the very peculiar avifauna found in the Tertiary strata of Santa Cruz in Patagonia.

The Himalo-Chinese or Transgangetic province shows the characteristics of its avifauna also far away to the eastward in Formosa, Hainan and Cochin China, and again in a lesser degree to the southward in the mountains of Malacca and Sumatra.

Some of the similarities to the Ethiopian and the great differences from the Australian avifauna have already been pointed out.