Sentence Examples with the word avert

For no other reason did the minister for the colonies, Seor Maura, in 1894 fail to convince the Cortes, and even the Liberal party, that his very moderate Cuban Home Rule Bill was an indispensable and wise, though tardy, attempt to avert a conflict which many plain symptoms showed to be imminent in the West Indies.

On the way he is seized with a sudden illness, which Zipporah attributes to the fact that he has not been circumcised and seeks to avert by circumcising her son (iv.

The dance of the Corybantic priests, like that of the priests who represented the - - Curetes, may have originated in a primitive faith in the power of noise to avert evil.

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The public held her responsible for the bankrupt state of the country; and though in 1788, following the popular outcry, she prevailed upon the king to recall Necker, it was impossible for him to avert the Revolution.

It soon became evident that one course, and one only, lay open to President Kruger if he desired to avert a catastrophe.

Irrigation is better able to bring fertility to a naturally arid district than to avert the failure of crops in one which is naturally fertile.

Of Scotland, whose support of the pretender Perkin Warbeck it was hoped to avert by such an alliance.

At the Roman Lupercalia women were flogged by the celebrants to avert sterility or as a purificatory ceremony (W.

Diplomacy busied itself with fruitless attempts to avert hostilities; on the 17th of April 1897 war was declared by Turkey.

The zeal of Ignatius (c. 115), who begs the Roman Church to do nothing to avert from him the martyr's death, was natural enough in a spiritual knight-errant, but with others in later days, especially in Phrygia and North Africa, the passion became artificial.