Sentence Examples with the word average density

Roberts concluded in this way that the average density of the Algol variables and their eclipsing companions is about one-eighth that of the sun.

The country is divided into 19 departments, the area and the population of which, according to the census of 1908, are given in the subjoined table: The average density of population on the above figures is 12.9 per sq.

The Hrault average density of population in France is about 190 Ille-et-Vil to the square mile, the tendency being for the large Indre towns to increase at the expense of the small towns Indre-et-I as well as the rural communities.

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M., and a population (Igor) of 777,338, giving an average density of 30 inhabitants to the square mile.

Considering the average density of population within the political limits of countries, the following list is of some value; the figures for a few smaller divisions of large countries are added (in brackets) for comparison: Average Population on i sq.

The average density increased from 257.21 per sq.

M., or 91,220 acres, so that the average density of population was 5.35 persons per acre, some of the more immediate suburbs being more densely populated than the city itself.