Sentence Examples with the word avenger

The Golden Age was first created, which without any avenger Spontaneously without law cherished fidelity and rectitude.

He appeared to the people as the avenger of 1840 and 1815, and the birth to him of a son, Eugene Louis Jean Joseph, on the 16th of March 1856, assured the future of the dynasty.

This originated a deadly feud between the leaders of the opposite parties, for Joab, as next of kin to Asahel, was by the law and custom of the country the avenger of his blood.

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Cyrus now claimed to be the legitimate successor of the ancient Babylonian kings and the avenger of Bel-Merodach, who was wrathful at the impiety of Nabonidus in removing the images of the local gods from their ancestral shrines to his capital Babylon.

A single case of homicide often leads to a series of similar crimes or to protracted warfare between neighbouring families and communities; the murderer, as a rule, takes refuge in the mountains from the avenger of blood, or remains for years shut up in his house.

A still more marked action was the building of a great temple at the end of his own new forum to Mars Ultor, - Mars, the ancestor of the Julian gens, as of the Roman people itself, and now to be worshipped as the avenger of Caesar's murderers.

In later times Ate is regarded as the avenger of sin (Sophocles, Antigone, 614, 625).

Her leader was Hannibal, grandson and avenger of the Hamilcar who had died at Himera.