Sentence Examples with the word avenged

In the end Bolsec was banished from Geneva; he ultimately rejoined the Roman communion and in 1577 avenged himself by a particularly slanderous biography of Calvin.

The murder of Agamemnon was avenged by his son Orestes.

In 1793 Hugon de Bassville, a diplomatic agent of France, was murdered at Rome, a deed not avenged until the Italian victories of Bonaparte.

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This they avenged from generation to generation by plundering and ravaging the plains.

King James I., who had coquetted twenty years previously with Clement VIII., and then had avenged the Gunpowder Plot (1605) by the most stringent regulation of his Roman Catholic subjects, was now dazzled by the project of the Spanish marriage.

Many enormities were committed by the insurgents, and were avenged with scarcely inferior barbarity.

This outrage was not avenged until the time of Cromwell (1654), and in the meantime the English abandoned the struggle for the Spice Islands, and turned their attention entirely to the mainland of India.

Gudrun, however, avenged the death of her brothers by slaying the sons she had borne to Atli and causing him unwittingly to drink their blood and eat their hearts.

Varina was avenged by Vanessa, who pursued Swift to far other purpose.

Thereupon the popular rulers avenged these misdeeds by many summary executions in the piazza.