Sentence Examples with the word automobile

Thanks, however, to the efforts of automobile engineers, great improvements were now being effected in the petrol engine, and, although the certainty and trustworthiness of its action still left something to be desired, it provided the designers of flying machines with what they had long been looking for - a motor FIG.

Betsy compiled a comprehensive portfolio of automobile models which Howie memorized so he could better identify vehicles.

Among Amesbury's manufactures are hats, cotton goods, carriages, automobile bodies, carriage and automobile lamps, thermometers, brass castings and 'motor boats.

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The city has an important trade in fruit, and has various manufactures, including paper, fruit packages, baskets, motor boats, gasolene launches, automobile supplies, hosiery and knit goods, air guns and sashes and blinds.

Thus, someone has to tighten the bolt on the automobile assembly line, and her wage is limited by the value her action adds to the car.

Columbus is situated in a fine farming region, and has extensive tanneries, threshingmachine and traction and automobile engine works, structural iron works, tool and machine shops, canneries and furniture factories.

The last thing David Dean had wanted to do was to climb back in his tired automobile and drive to Philadelphia in the middle of the night.

I could just see from the doorway where I stood as a figure emerged from the darkened automobile and moved stealthy toward the back of the house.

I was reaching for his hanging suit when I heard an automobile roll up the driveway.

Around its peninsula, and bordered by an automobile drive; along the beach are some attractive residences, hotels and boarding houses, and several sanatoriums. The city's principal industries are the canning of oysters, shrimp, fish, figs and vegetables, and the manufacture of fertilizers and flour.