Sentence Examples with the word automatically

Every installation is made up of a boiler or other water heater, a tank or cylinder to contain the water when heated, and a cistern of cold water, the supply from which to the system is regulated automatically by a ball valve.

Reluctantly, he walked up the sloping hill and to the door that opened automatically for its master, unlike the portal home.

Instruments such as the telautograph and telewriter are apparatus for transmitting a facsimile of handwriting inscribed on a paper at one end of a line, the reproduction being made automatically at the other end of the line at the same time that the message is being written.

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Indian troops operating outside the Companys dominions were granted increased allowances, but these were automatically reduced when conquest brought the provinces in which they were serving within the British pale.

She'd automatically made enough dinner for three after cooking for Kyle and Jonny for three months.

The paper is also caused to advance automatically for each letter, start a fresh line, and also to commence a fresh form at the completion of each message.

The doors are rotated automatically at the top by grooves at the sides of the piers, so as to assume a horizontal position and pass out of sight in the central space between the two foot-ways (fig.

The ground is transferred in trucks to the shaft where it is automatically tipped into skips holding 96 cubic ft.

A cryptographic machine, which changed the cipher automatically and printed a message, entirely unintelligible until translated by a duplicate instrument, was one of the most perfect examples of this.

In reality, the tension adjusts itself automatically to the weight to be supported at the various levels.