Sentence Examples with the word australasia

The opossum of America is the only species out of Australasia which is thus provided.

Wallace, Australasia (Stanford's Compendium, 1894); G.

The exports of manufactured tobacco, such as Manila cheroots, find their principal market in China, British India, Australasia and the United Kingdom, whilst of the leaf tobacco fully three-quarters goes to Spain.

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A Library Record of Australasia was published in 1901-1902.

In North America about ten species of lamprey occur, while in South America and Australasia still others are found.

Of the total production in 1876, 5,016,488 oz., almost the whole was derived from the United States, Australasia and Russia.

There were not 200,000 white persons in Australasia when the queen came to the throne; there were nearly 5,000,000 when she died.

Rodents include by far the greater number of species, and have the widest distribution, of any of the orders of terrestrial mammals, being in fact cosmopolitan, although more abundant in some parts, as in South America, which may be considered their headquarters, than in others, as in Australasia and Madagascar, where they are represented only by members of the mouse-group, or Myoidea.

Petherick, Catalogue of Books Relating to Australasia (1899).

In a more restricted sense the term Australasia corresponds to the large division including Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.