Sentence Examples with the word auspicious

He said there was an auspicious beginning.

He made an auspicious debut.

It was an auspicious occasion.

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We cannot contemplate with equanimity anything less than a truly auspicious beginning having the good wishes of everyone concerned.

Even in modern times travellers relate how, when an auspicious day has been proclaimed by the astrologers, the streets of Bagdad may be seen running with blood from the barbers' shops.

The big crowd was an auspicious moment for us, it will allow us to go from strength to strength.

And put out all fire, and on the last day after sunset the priests, dressed in the garb of gods, set out in procession for the hill of Huixachtla, there to watch for the approach of the Pleiades to the zenith, which gave the auspicious signal for the lighting of the new fire.

It seemed more auspicious than a place marked with a pentacle, and less numerous than the places not marked at all.

For example, the use of the color red is considered auspicious in China.

The story pointed out several auspicious symbols.