Sentence Examples with the word auriferous

This expedition put an end to the hope, so long entertained, that it was possible to obtain a direct and practicable route for stock between Kimberley and Coolgardie gold-fields; and it also proved that, with the possible exception of small isolated patches, the desert traversed contained no auriferous country.

A series of quartzites and slates referred to the Cambrian, and holding numerous and important veins of auriferous quartz, characterize its Atlantic or southeastern side, while valuable coal-fields occur in Cape Breton and on parts of its shores on the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Traces of auriferous sands have been discovered at many places, but the percentage of gold is too poor to make the working remunerative.

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The extraction of gold from auriferous minerals by fusion, except as an incident in their treatment for other metals, is very rarely practised.

Only in the auriferous and civilized frontier districts of India (the Punjab) did a system of coinage find early acceptance.

By the command of the god he bathed in the river Pactolus, which henceforth became auriferous (Ovid, Metam.

Ac cording to Molengraaff it includes the two following series: - An upper group including the auriferous conglomerates of the Rand: Witwatersrand Series.

Many processes have been suggested in which the gold of auriferous deposits is converted into products soluble in water, from which solutions the gold may be precipitated.

Not only in these lucky provinces, New South Wales and Victoria, where the auriferous deposits were revealed, but in every British colony of Australasia, all ordinary industry was left for the one exciting pursuit.

Other auriferous reefs are found all along the eastern escarpment of the Drakensberg and are worked in the De Kaap (Barberton) district, on the Swaziland frontier, in the Lydenburg district, in the Murchison Range and in other places in the Zoutpansberg.