Sentence Examples with the word auguste

Louis Auguste d'Albert d'Ailly (1676-1744), duke of Chaulnes, also became marshal of France (1741).

FRANCOIS RENE AUGUSTE MALLARME (1755-1835), French Revolutionist, the son of a lawyer, was born at Nancy on the 25th of February 1755.

To Confucius and Auguste Comte.

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FRANCOIS AUGUSTE ALEXIS MIGNET (1796-1884), French historian, was born at Aix in Provence on the 8th of May 1796, and died at Paris on the 24th of March 1884.

In 1755 he inherited from his elder brother, Louis Auguste de Bourbon (170o-1755), prince de Dombes, great estates, part of which he sold to the king.

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Delisle's Catalogue desactes de Philippe Auguste (Paris, 1856) are the most important guides to the documents.

ALBERT AUGUSTE GABRIEL HANOTAUX (1853-), French statesman and historian, was born at Beaurevoir in the department of Aisne.

The eldest son of the duke of Maine, Louis Auguste de Bourbon (1700-1755), prince of Dombes, served in the army of Prince Eugene against the Turks (1717), took part in the War of the Polish Succession (1733-1734), and in that of the Austrian Succession (1742-1747).