Sentence Examples with the word august 1

High, with two bronze tablets, was erected before the town-hall by the Old Colony Commission, and on High Pole Hill on the 10th of August 1 9 07 the cornerstone of a second memorial (completed in 1909, dedicated Aug.

On the 30th of September 1707 it was stormed, after a three months' siege, by the Austrians under Daun; and on the 6th of August 1 734 it was taken, after a siege of four months, by French, Spanish and Sardinian troops under the future King Charles of Naples.

Heinrich Wilhelm August, Freiherr von Gagern (1799-1880), the third son, was born at Bayreuth on the 20th of August 1 799, educated at the military academy at Munich, and, as an officer in the service of the duke of Nassau, fought at Waterloo.

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They reached Kagoshima on the 15th of August 1 549, and remained in Japan until the 10th of November 1551.

Now, the curious fact is, that Kant himself wrote a most indignant letter, dated 7th August 1 799 (Kant's Werke, ed.

When parliament, on the 2 th of August 1 60 passed the P 4 g 5 P acts abolishing the papal jurisdiction and the mass in Scotland, it was able, as Knox had been preparing for this crisis, to sanction a new confession of faith for the Reformed church.

FRANCIS ASBURY (1745-1816), American clergyman, was born at Hamstead Bridge in the parish of Handsworth, near Birmingham, in Staffordshire, England, on the 10th of August 1 745.

According to one account, he visited the site of Pittsburg, and examined its availability for fortification, in August 1 753 - before the arrival of Washington.