Sentence Examples with the word augur

As closely connected with religious life, he was an augur and seer; practised magical arts, especially astrology; founded or rendered accessible many important cults, such as those of Apollo and Dionysus; instituted mystic rites, both public and private; prescribed initiatory and purificatory ritual.

It consists of a small hydraulic press, which forces a set of expanding bits or wedges into a bore-hole previously bored by a long screw augur or drill, worked by hand, the action of the press being continued until a sufficient strain is obtained to bring down the coal.

Mucius Scaevola, the augur and jurisconsult.

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Mucius Scaevola the augur and Q.

The figure of an Etruscan augur holding a liver in his hand as his trade-mark (Korte, ib.

The augur afterwards announced the result of his observations in a set form of words, by which the magistrate was bound.

He was augur for fifty-five years and wrote a work on the science of divination.

ATTUS NAVIUS, in Roman legendary history, a famous augur during the reign of Tarquinius Priscus.

As the augur looked south he had the east, the lucky quarter, on his left, and therefore signs on the left side were considered favourable, those on the right unfavourable.