Sentence Examples with the word audible

High, the sound of which must have been constantly audible to the dwellers in the caves.

Blake, informed by the sound of the cannon, which was audible on the Thames, that an action was in progress, hurried to sea and joined Monk in the pursuit of the Dutch on the 3rd of June.

There was an audible gasp.

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Not but what, when the high gods are kind for a consideration, the lower deities will likewise be found addicted to such commerce; thus in India the hedge-priest and his familiar will bandy conditions in spirited dialogue audible to the multitude (cf.

Near the mouth, where the lake narrows to a strait, are the rapids which Ossian called the Falls of Lora, the ebbing and flowing tides, as they rush over the rocky bar, creating a roaring noise audible at a considerable distance.

When the instrument was played, the vibrations were transmitted silently, and became audible in the lyre, which thus appeared to play of itself.

She completed peeling another potato and rinsed it before Claudette finally gave up on a response with an audible sigh.

The first may be illustrated by Lord Rayleigh's experiments to determine the amplitude of vibration in waves only just audible (Sound, ii.

According to Helmholtz, the ear probably contains within it a series of resonators, with small intervals between the periods of the successive members, while the series extends over the whole range of audible pitch.

She blocked, her gasp audible as the Original Being's energy flew through her.