Sentence Examples with the word auckland

There is also railway communication with Auckland (but by a circuitous route of 120 m.), and with the neighbouring districts by branch lines.

Besides the three larger islands numerous satellites belong to the subregion, as Lord Howe, Norfolk and Kermadec islands, with the Chatham, Auckland and Macquarie groups.

Along with these, similarly, hornblende and diabase occur in the Pelew Islands and gneiss and mica 1 These are dependencies of New Zealand, as are also the following islands and groups which lie apart from the main Polynesian clusters, nearer New Zealand itself: Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Bounty Islands, Campbell Islands, Chatham Islands, Kermadec Islands.

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He attended the grammar school of Bishop Auckland for a short time, but a large portion of his boyhood was spent in Westmorland.

Lord Auckland forthwith resolved upon the hazardous plan of placing a more subservient ruler upon the throne of Kabul.

Thereafter large deposits were profitably exploited in the south and west of South Island and in the Thames and Coromandel districts of the Auckland province.

There are an opera-house and an academy of music. The Auckland University College and the grammar school are the principal educational establishments.

Distant, at Auckland St Andrews, a fine cruciform structure, formerly collegiate, in style mainly Early English, but with earlier portions.

Distrusting the attitude of the Amir Dost Mahommed towards Russia, Lord Auckland in 1839 attempted to restore Shah Shuja to the throne against the wishes of the Afghan people.

Above Bishop Auckland there is a small and very ancient church at Escomb, massively built and tapering from the bottom upward.