Sentence Examples with the word attorney

The other administrative officers are a secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, superintendent of public instruction, commissioner of insurance, three commissioners of railways, attorney general and commissioner of agriculture and labour; each of these officers is chosen biennially and must be at least twenty-five years of age.

A nosy bartender told me Ginger was expecting something a bit more lasting than her attorney had to offer.

The executive and legislative officials are chosen by the electors for a term of two years; the attorney general for four years; the judges of the supreme court of errors and the superior court, appointed by the general assembly on nomination by the governor, serve for eight, and the judges of the courts of common pleas (in Hartford, New London, New Haven, Litchfield and Fairfield counties) and of the district courts, chosen in like manner, serve for four years.

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The seven members of the council, the secretary of state, the treasurer, the attorney general and the commissioner of agriculture are elected biennially by a joint ballot of the two houses of the legislature, which also elects, one every two years, the three state assessors, whose term is six years.

The assistant judges, the sheriff and the state's attorney are elected annually by popular vote.

I don't see how telling us what the case is about, who the litigants are and who's the attorney compromises anything.

Some defense attorney is trying to subpoena her to get his pervert off.

He was state's attorney for Hartford county from 1777 to 1785, and achieved extraordinary success at the bar, amassing what was for his day a large fortune.

The attorney quickly recovered and half slid, half ran down the slope next to his Jeep where they were standing, covering his shiny black shoes with dust in the process and nearly falling on the seat of his creased shorts.

Knowing the local police included Detective Jackson, I suggested he contact the Simi Valley attorney first to find out if the vehicle I saw was in fact his.