Sentence Examples with the word attired

The questions had to be given in writing, and the responses were uttered by the Pythian priestess, in early times a maiden, later a woman over fifty attired as a maiden.

An extremely rich dynasty in the Upper Niger was supposed to owe its wealth to a serpent in a well which received yearly a maiden attired as a bride; the cessation of the practice brought drought and sickness (Hartland iii.

A dozen or so shabbily dressed men and one elderly woman, similarly attired stood around outside.

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The old man was as nattily attired in his customary fashion, but his eyes betrayed his lack of sleep.

My wife came, attired in robe, pajamas and slippers, her arm around a half-asleep Molly bound up in a blanket like a butterfly's chrysalis.

When she finished, still attired in bathrobe and floppy slippers, and leaving a cloud of flour behind her, she crept upstairs to talk to Fred; a conversation that lasted thirty minutes.

But now the common class of men wear a shirt and trousers; the better class are attired in the European fashion.

Thus attired I went down to help entertain the company.

She was escorted with great ceremony to Moscow in 1728 and exhibited to the people attired in the splendid, old-fashioned robes of a tsaritsa; but years of rigid seclusion had dulled her wits, and her best friends soon convinced themselves that a convent was a much more suitable place for her than a throne.

Randy Byrne was joyously married with mother Cynthia in proud attendance, attired in her Radisson original dress.