Sentence Examples with the word attested

His misfortunes made him write both feelingly and forcibly on the bankruptcy laws; and although his creditors accepted a composition, he afterwards honourably paid them in full, a fact attested by independent and not very friendly witnesses.

The extraordinary mobility of his whole person, and his power of as it were transforming himself at will, are attested by many anecdotes and descriptions, but the piercing power of his eye must have been his most irresistible feature.

Similarly the early presence of Phoenician traders is attested by the survival of Sidonian cults (Aphrodite Urania, Athena Phoenicice, Melicertes, i.e.

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Its importance is attested by Judges viii.

In a few attested cases two persons have shared the same vision.

At the same time some Acari, like Eriophyes (Phytoptus) and Demodex, have the body elongated and annulated, but in these groups the elongation of the body is caudal or post-anal, as is attested by the position of the anus far forwards on its ventral surface.

This latter, which is attested by Irenaeus (v.

In the epic poems which may be assumed to have taken their final shape in the early centuries before and after the Christian era, their popular character, so strikingly illustrated by their inclusion in the Brahmanical triad, appears in full force; whilst their cult is likewise attested by the coins and inscriptions of the early centuries of our era.

First we must rule out any proposal which assumes confusions of letters and abbreviations which are not attested for the particular tradition.

It was corrupted to abilior by omission of the h and confusion of t and 1, and this corruption, which is attested by the oldest extant copy, the Ambrosian palimpsest, was still further corrupted in the other copies to agilior.