Sentence Examples with the word attending

The facts drifted in slowly, as if attending a dreaded meeting.

Changes Of Dimensions Attending Magnetization It is well known that the form of a piece of ferromagnetic metal is in general slightly changed by magnetization.

The Chinese were hard-working and had the usual fortune attending those who work hard.

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He himself superintended all the preparations, visiting Darnley with Mary on the night of the crime, Sunday, 9th of February 1567, attending the queen on her return to Holyrood for the ball, and riding back to Kirk o' Field to carry out the crime.

To encourage the instruction of children who by reason of distance cannot attend a government or government-aided school, grants-in-aid are made for each pupil attending farm schools.

The Antarctic-Alpine region is the complement of the ArcticAlpine, but unlike the latter, its scattered distribution over numerous isolated points of land, remote from great continental areas, from which, during migrations like those attending the glacial period in the northern hemisphere, it could have been recruited, at once accounts for its limited number of species and their contracted range in the world.

The two of them managed to finish attending to the chatting guests, the late rising climbers and the Quincy sisters.

While attending to gates at level-crossings .

I would like to thank you all for attending our gala this evening.

But the Sabbath was a feast on which, after attending to their souls, they indulged their bodies, like yoke animals let out to graze.