Sentence Examples with the word attend

Men refused to attend their ministrations; in some cases they were subjected to what was afterwards called boycotting.

But though the judge advocate of the fleet does not actually attend the courtsmartial very responsible duties are imposed upon him.

But his views did not prevent him from profiting to the utmost by one very bad abuse, for he did his utmost to secure the retention of his frigate in port, in order that he might be able to attend parliament.

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In these cottages or cells a Carthusian monk passed his time in the strictest asceticism, only leaving his solitary dwelling to attend the services of the Church, except on certain days when the brotherhood assembled in the refectory.

However, there are laws requiring that each school be taught at least six months in a year, and that children between the ages of seven and fourteen attend for at least twelve consecutive weeks, and for a total of sixteen weeks in every year.

In 1846 he had been deputed to attend the General Evangelical Synod at Berlin.

Mrs. Lincoln attempted to attend the service but was chased away.

He no longer pressed him to attend public functions.

But if your father is mortally sick you'll send the valet away and attend to your father with your own unpracticed, awkward hands, and will soothe him better than a skilled man who is a stranger could.

The work of lecturing was an intense strain to him, but its influence was immense: to attend one of Westcott's lectures - even to watch him lecturing - was an experience which lifted and solemnized many a man to whom the references to Origen or Rupert of Deutz were almost ludicrously unintelligible.