Sentence Examples with the word attainment

Hitherto she had confined her efforts to territorial expansion in eastern Europe and in Asia, and she had sought foreign alliances merely as temporary expedients to facilitate the attainment of that object.

Again it was known that the Transvaal and Orange River colonies on their attainment of self-government would each demand full control of their own resources, to the detriment of the unitary services which Lord Milner had established.

Such may, of course, form the greater part of the harvest and working material of a scientific excavator; their presence is most welcome to him, but their complete absence need be no bar to his attainment of important historical results.

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Adherents of the Yoga philosophy and the system of ascetic practices enjoined by it with the view of mental abstraction and the supposed attainment of superhuman powers - practices which, when not merely pretended, but rigidly carried out, are only too apt to produce vacuity of mind and wild fits of frenzy.

Ideas of symmetry, so different from ours, from a close study of nature and her processes in the attainment of endless variety.

He is thought or intellect, the actuality, of which movement is but the fragmentary attainment in successive instants of time.

Their scepticism is simply of a means to the attainment of a further end.

If we assume as the historians do that great men lead humanity to the attainment of certain ends--the greatness of Russia or of France, the balance of power in Europe, the diffusion of the ideas of the Revolution, general progress, or anything else--then it is impossible to explain the facts of history without introducing the conceptions of chance and genius.

Vendemiaire and the marriage with Josephine (9th of March 1796) were but stepping-stones to the attainment of the end which he had kept steadily in sight since the spring of the year 1794.

He concluded that there could be no refraction without dispersion, and hence that achromatism was impossible of attainment (see Aberration).