Sentence Examples with the word athletic

He was standing in front of the mirror in his jeans and an athletic undershirt, shaving with a disposable razor.

The Gymnasticus contains interesting matter concerning the Olympic games and athletic contests generally.

The range of her influence is most varied, extending to war, athletic games, the tending of cattle, hunting, the assembly of the people and the law-courts.

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Park railway station lies north of the business quarter, and farther north are the Wanderers' athletic sports ground and Joubert's Park.

The Aenach held annually at Tailltenn, also in Meath, was a general assembly of the people without restriction of rank, clan or country, and became the most celebrated for athletic sports, games and contests.

Life was filled with the universal Hellenic interests, which centred in the gymnasium and the religious festivals, these last including, of course, not only athletic contests but performances of the classical dramas or later imitations of them.

The city has parks, including Hoyt Park (27 acres), used for athletic sports, Rust Park (150 acres), occupying an island in the river, and Riverside Park, a pleasure resort.

At six feet, two inches tall, with a slim, athletic build, he moved with the grace of a dancer.

She watched him walk into the room, appreciative of his athletic frame.

Schweinfurth declares them the best-looking of the Nile nomads, and the men are types of physical beauty, with fine heads, erect athletic bodies and sinewy limbs.